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There been trends in every industry since forever, but people still wonder why they wouldn’t have invested into BTC in 2010 when $100 worth back then would cost now $75M, or ranked a site in Google in 2003 would bring them millions with few hundreds invested back then 🙂
Well think what will be, not what was. That is the very first step indeed to start thinking, research and change your life or business habits at least.
I build up some habits in the years by seeing what my mentors involved me into and by seeing next to them how they optimize the process to next level. Here are few basic steps to start twisting and monetizing your trendy ideas around:


  1. Have Long Term & Short Term Projects&Strategy
    (To integrate and monetize new trends you always need to bring new working methods to the existing infrastructures and clients)
    – Have long-term project where you can test new trends methods
    Saving 30 % of your new trends resources, methods, infrastructure & clients in the long run will make big changes
    Milking new till it’s new, but in separate short-term projects is no brainer
    – Every new methods even a spammy one works like a charm at first with an older existing project
    (ask SEO ranking guys 😉 or BTC miners who mine Etherium and now Monero)
  2. First, make your homework tests:
    (No matter you mine Bitcoins or Rank in Google or set up Ads funnel for B2B/Conferences or bake cakes or heel animals.)
    – Don’t over think, just Test! If you like some idea/method just go for it, what could go wrong is loose 2 hours on the wrong idea.. instead of losing 2 weeks on thinking and 5 weeks on preparation and perfectionism before you wrote a single line!
    – pay to professionals, courses if they exist
    – research early adopters forums, Quora, subreddits, bloggers etc.
    – use it fast for what you have already working. That’s why you need long-term projects to integrate new trends in a very short period!
    – Master it as good as the masters in your mastermind groups
    – Invest $100 in tests: it is not related to lack of enough money to make small scale tests which may end up in mm results. works within any area or industry. If you have ranked a website in 2005 for $300 seo/marketing expense, that one would have monetized 1000-10 000x by now)
  3. Invest what you can lose:
    (Always save 30 % at home, family, bank. There are ALWAYS better opportunities you can speed up with some saved cash.)
    – into tools, services, hosting etc..
    – into resources – leads, mail lists, accounts to advertise etc.
    – whatever you earn from your initial tests, keep reinvesting, but make sure you start earning on your own before reselling to others
  4. Resell:
    (Mostly resources, but also tools and infrastructures and monetization, aka your know how of the right monetization teams to work with.)
    – the resources you buy on daily basis – this way you can use them and resell them to few people and use the money to reinvest again
    – resell the tools you use
    – resell the outcome result/product of that trend : mail lists, b2b leads, ppc traffic, scheduled calls etc.
  5. Teach & Charge:
    (First you watch, Then you involve in and finally you eventually start building your own public webinars.)
    – teach others to do it in small mastermind groups? by mail lists? by direct skype talks?
    – webinars, PR, affiliates, referrals partners?
    – make sure to keep the resources at least at one end in your hands – people are SHORT THINKING animals, at least the online ones
    (my 2 cents for 15+ years online)
    – If you can find them best solutions, cpa/ad networks, or whatever valuable resources for your audience, charge them either fixed $ , either % of their earnings
  6. Try to monetize EVERY ASSET and EVERY STEP twice or triple:
    – first you use all the resources to milk them to the max 😉
    – secondly, resell the resources at lower price so quality to 5+ people – since they buy it cheap they can’t expect exclusive ehH?
    – then, optimize your partners/jv/affiliates funnels.. if possible set up ones alone/white labeled/ and get commission on that infrastructure
    – make sure to charge your investors, partners, clients on every step of the process from initial invest, to building infrastructure for them, to managing their infrastructure for them.
  7. Scale!!!:
    (Scale by priority and be gathering the best partners who will be best clients and advocacy in the long run, scale is easy with the right co-ops.)
    – bring other Pro players on the board to build up either financial, either skillful group of same-minded entrepreneurs
    – build partnerships infrastructure: affiliates, jvs, pre-launching marketing campaign, newsletters, advertising etc
    – make case studies with the top players > convert those into PR
    – make per trend detailed industry research with catchy names 🙂 : Native Ads history 1917-2017, B2B Brand awareness, How to grind your startup for the Startup Grind 2017, Trends Adoption & Scale Strategy.

    People miss opportunities because they keep preparing to one specific one while its too late and everyone is on the train. Or they keep delaying which is equal to denying, just to stay in that comfort zone we all heard about. Idea to catch up the train early while its shaking and breaking, is that later you can sell tickets to everyone else after you on board, once you managed to make it safe and comfortable ;).

    Here is what trends Brandvertisor is after:

Brandvertisor Flyers TNW COnference 2017

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