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Web Summit is The startup event of the year. Whole Europe and the global startup community, mentors and investors from the ecosystem are traveling to Lisbon to synchronize their entrepreneur’s clock. As you can imagine, this year everyone would be looking for ICO related talks with ETH, NEO , (Universa, Hashgraph..) developers, #Blockchain mentors and whale altcoins investors. Investors like Tim Draper will participate in the web summit talks like: “Digital currency and the ICO: The VCs’ cut”. Decentralization could be the first step to singularity.. This year not all of the speakers will be made of flesh and bones: Sophia the Robot will explain us about the future of singularity, AI-beings and robots with IQ of 10000 by 2050. That vision helped SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son to raise $45 billions in 45 minutes.

There are 1000+ featured startups in the list, let me save you 30 minutes of scrolling: Full Featured Startups List @ WebSummit.html

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As a participant in the Startup ALPHA program, our team will host a meetup about the Decentralization of the Advertising scene
@ booth A109 in Advertising & Media section on 7th November.


Once you have MVP beta, some sales and some sustainable team, I strongly recommend you to start visiting Web Summit, TNW Conference, Dmexco etc. conferences from your field. It really helps you to stay up to date and will give you 3-4 times in the year timeframes to finish all the plans and presentations you needed to get done anyways :). Make sure to PARTICIPATE INTO THE STARTUP STAND/BOOTH PROGRAM of every conference you visit. If you buy it on time, it usually costs about the price of 2 tickets. But you get 3, and you get a booth to stand ahead of the competition startups on that conference, mentors and investors private meetups, different workshops and even media, social presense and multiple other indirect benefits. Not to mention the motivation you get to put extra efforts in the preparation.


    1. Prepare your content strategy based on the goals you want to achieve from the conference
      (There are always tens of goals so you should prioritize: short & long term ones, b2b & b2c, sales, investment, positioning, ICO:)?, scale or partnerships etc..)
      Decide the goals > Plan campaign for each goal > Build custom content for each campaign > START distributing > Rinse & Repeat!

      {Don’t worry to fuck up something, nobody will read it anyways – Yandex Metrica video recordings say so, not me 🙂
      Sometimes early sharing by mistake brings the biggest results, compared to a long planned and never finished article.}

       Build valuable content for the audience that would visit the event, even better build content for your perfect partners’ / clients’ prospect

       Build content that is valuable to you and your field experts. This way you can mention/tag competition and gain potential future partnerships

       Research on new trends and methodologies. Strategies and step by step tutorials. B2B & sales and know how materials. Share insiders methodologies for which you can charge the client – that will build you credibility and gain you even more clients in the long run.
    2. Build custom marketing materials for each event if possible:

    3. Make sure to update your social profiles with your full background and current business statusNow, let’s start with the phun part..
      Content and marketing distribution channels & growth hacking tactics:

       Secondary update your social profile with covers pictures etc. of the current campaign(event) marketing materials

    4. Update your social profiles cover  pictures with the custom marketing materials for the event
    5. Start sharing the content synchronized on all social profiles at the same time

      use hashtags (ex.: Meet @Brandvertisor team at booth A109 on 7th Nov, Tuesday. We are hosting a meetup about the decentralized future of #adtech & #advertising scene. #websummit #websummit2017)

      Use @tags for your company or partners, events fan pages: @web summit 2017
    6. Create Facebook event that contains the main event keywords. This way you can build up a lot of “Interested/Going to” visitors list and promote for free in front of thousands of the expo visitors 😉
      Make sure to start your event a month before the event, maybe boost it a bit with ads and let it grow naturally. I missed to create that on time..:
      Participate in all bigger and related events and Facebook, Linkedin group. Be active, share & like, and when the time gets closer,
      ask the admins to make a post about your booth. If they know you already, that would not be an issue.

      Let’s focus on Web Summit infrastructure:

    7. Create a Filter for All the emails from and mark the important ones. Helps a lot in the latest hours 🙂
    8. Actually read each email in details and participate actively as soon as possible!
      Most workshops, mentor hours, roundtables are very competative to get accepted in, as you compete with 1000 startups for 5 spots.

    9. Download the App! It gives you direct access to all the web summit speakers sorted by trending, and sorting everyone mixed by contextual industry tags.
    10. If you have missed the web interface: There you can browse through startups, gathertheir name and find them in Linkedin.
    11. B2B leads aggregation & management:

       Build template messages for each type of contact: investor message, client message, startup message. If you could invest 2 hours per day to write a custom line over the template message for the contacts you actually want to meet, then I promise you, IT WORKS!

       Keep constantly replying, answering and engaging with the ones who add you back, and even more with the ones who reply you back :).

       Add responses and active ones into PipeDrive funnel, this way you can easily read the messages and follow-up any time in the future.
      Sample for conferences funnel is :
      Linkedin/Twitter Add > Responded > Scheduled > Follow up After Conference > Scheduled call > Closed > Upsell

       Keep checking your Linkedin messages as well as My Network > Connections section > (sort by) Recently added.

      Make Google Docs Sheet file/pipelines lists with Investors / Angels / Startups / Company name etc.
      I just figured out this one so twist it for your specific needs, but you need accounting of your networking :):

       Write a nice valuable and helpful article like this one eventually will become….
      (mail me at with any suggestions and feedback on how to improve mine.)

       Then export your Linkedin and Google+  takeout contacts. Twitter and Facebook make it very hard to do that, if you merge them with yahoo email account, it might work, but I won’t guarantee as I haven’t tested it yet. Collect all the emails in a single excel and remove the duplicates.

       Build Facebook custom audience with the collected emails: Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer File

       Start advertising > keep tracking what’s going on > constantly improve. Begin targeting other conferences interests, visitors who checked locally in Cologne, people who liked your page and their friends obviously. Keep changing, keep playing.
    12. On Terrain/Extras :

       Prepare 200+ Business Cards

       A Lighter!

    13. Lucky #13 Services Packages:

       B2B Leads Generation Package

       Events Lead Generation Package

       Software/ Startups / White Label Marketing Strategy.

      If you wonder who would be a good fit to manage that for your company, you can always get in touch :

      Good Attitude.  Drink Responsibly.  Build up your networking to next level and grow lifetime partnerships.








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